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Florida Fix-A-Flat Butt Injector Sentenced to Prison Time

  A South Florida woman, or man, depending on how you classify it was sentenced to 366 days in a Florida Prison this month for injecting several individuals in the butt with a toxic mix of Fix-A-Flat and super glue. Ron Oneal Morris, born as a man but who now considers herself a woman, “helped” those in need of a bigger butt by conducting several procedures where a tube was inserted into the buttock of the patient allowing for Morris’ toxic concoction to be pumped in. In spite of every client seeking her services voluntarily and knowingly allowing her to perform her procedure, Morris was charged with and convicted of the criminal act of practicing healthcare without a license. In spite of a more serious sentence being possible, Morris’ criminal lawyer convinced prosecutors to offer the fairly lenient deal citing a lack of physical evidence and a failure of witnesses to come forward. No surprise there as I’m sure it’s a bit embarrassing to admit you’ve allowed some quack to inject you with a Molotov Cocktail of doom. Ironically, Morris isn’t the only person on planet earth to offer these services as Padge Victoria Windslowe was charged in the death of a young woman for her version of this type of injection in Philadelphia in 2012.

For this particular allegation, Morris was likely charged with the third degree felony version of this offense under Florida Statute 456.065(2)(d)(1). If one is charged with practicing healthcare without a license under this statutory subsection they will face a minimum fine of $1,000 and a minimum mandatory prison term of 1 year. In Morris’ case, under the statute she received the most lenient sentence available. In spite of the nice deal worked out by her Florida criminal lawyer, Morris’ troubles are far from being behind her as she faces Manslaughter charges in Broward County for the death of one of her “patients.” Shatarka Nuby was injected by Morris in 2007 and later died of “massive systemic silicone migration” while serving a sentence in a Tallahassee prison.

According to Tampa criminal attorney Jason Mayberry, this charge is not one commonly charged as it doesn’t happen all that often. For the most part, when it is charged it involves an individual posing as a legitimate doctor, providing a common medical service with the recipient completely bamboozled that the doctor wasn’t in fact what they claimed. In this case it’s hard to believe that the individuals receiving the injections didn’t have some knowledge or should have known that Morris wasn’t a medical professional. Certainly if anyone witnessed the creation of the cocktail used in the injections they would have known Morris to be a fraud and likely would have headed for the hills. Unfortunately for Morris, in spite of the likely obvious nature of what she was doing, there is nothing in the criminal statute that calls for a requirement of common sense. Essentially this allegation is a two element crime; practicing some type of medicine, and doing so without a license. Done and done, and it looks like Morris will have new accommodations for a year and maybe longer.

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