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New York Man Pilfers Panties In New York City Apartment Building

A New York man is wanted for stealing ladies undergarments from a New York City apartment building. Elizabeth Santana, a resident of the apartment building first noticed her underwear was missing from her laundry when left unattended. Unable to figure out what happened, Ms. Santana requested and viewed surveillance video from the laundry room. Low and behold her worst fears were true as she saw a young white male sneaking into the laundry room, proceed to open the dryer containing her clothes, and subsequently sneak out with panties in tow. Not surprisingly this was not the first time lady’s undergarments were taken from the same apartment building. Just three months prior there was an initial report of the same thing. Other apartment buildings in the area reported missing underwear as well though it is unknown if the same purveyor of panty is responsible or if he is working with an entire team of panty raiders.

Depending on the amount of underwear stolen and the fanciness of same will determine whether this unknown male could be charged with a felony grand theft or a misdemeanor petit theft. Either way Florida Statute 812.014 is applicable. Because this panty thief has knowingly obtained the property of these ladies with the intent to either deprive them of the property’s use or to appropriate the panties to his own use (weird and gross) he would be guilty of some type of theft crime. If the value of the panties is $300 or more, under subsection (c) he would be facing a third degree felony. If it’s $299.99 or less, he’s still in misdemeanor country if considering the theft only.

Where it could get sticky for this panty pursuer is if he were charged with burglary. Under Florida Statute 810.02 it appears that he did enter a dwelling, structure, or conveyance with the intent to commit a criminal offense while within. If there were people inside the building he could be looking at a second degree felony. Were this case in Tampa, a Tampa criminal attorney should argue that it can’t be proven that there were people inside. The Tampa criminal lawyer should argue that the area relevant to a burglary charge is only that common area housing the laundry room and not other common areas or apartments as he did not enter those. It may or may not be a great argument but considering he’s on video his case is one of mitigation rather than out an out acquittal. In some fashion attached to that would be the effort by an individual in this situation’s Tampa criminal attorneys to get a reduction from burglary to simple misdemeanor trespass under Florida Statute 810.08. That charge would be easier to make if he doesn’t live in the same building and has no authorization to be in the laundry room.

This panty thief is clearly not the brightest candle in the box. Not only is it gross that he’s stealing ladies undergarments, he’s not bright enough to realize his dirty deeds are being recorded. The District Attorney in New York will determine what he can charge this gentleman with when the time comes. Until then, it appears that no panties are safe. If you’ve been charged with a theft or burglary crime, contact our Tampa criminal lawyers today at 813-444-7435 for a free consultation.

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